Monday, 14 September 2009

A post long overdue

Its been about 2 weeks since Nottinghill Festival and i have been too busy (for once) to actually pen down the details. Well, better late than never right?
I have been hearing about the Nottinghill Festival for a long time and last year we couldn't make it in spite of being in Nottingham, cos we decided to head down to Wales instead. A good decision indeed. So this year, i had to go no matter what, and i also had to cover the event for a mag, so that meant no ditching at the last min. Friends and news channels warned us about the number of people who had come into London for the carnival, but that didn't stop us from going. So the event was over 2 days, but we decided to go only for the main parade which was on day 2. Day one was mainly kids activities etc. We got there way too late and thought the parade would have already started and that we would have missed out on stuff. way, the parade hadn't even started and we had a to wait a good one hour till it was in full swing. Well, i would honestly have to say i was a wee bit disappointed. I expected it to be extravagant. It was colourful and loud, but extravagant, not so much. There were prizes to be won for the best float and so people did go out of their way to be creative. Music was loud, Jamaican, Caribbean and Chinese food were in plenty, people were dancing all over the place..well grinding to be exact...and the crowds were way too much in some places. We had to walk quite a bit and by the end of it was so so tired. Got back home with aching feet. I don't think i would go for the festival ever again, its definitely a one time thingy.
There are way too many pics, so i have uploaded it on to an album. Will post it once i figure out how to put it here.
Summer has come to an end and so has the fun outdoor events London throws at you. Yesterday was the last one..the Mayor's Thames Festival happened over the weekend and it was awesome. Cold, but awesome. Loads of street food, arts and craft stalls, live music, dance, cocktails, a nice parade and the best of awesome display of fireworks..well coordinated and much appreciated by all Londoners. Again, we had to walk so so much and i complained all night about leg pain, Ro wouldn't carry me piggy back in spite of cribbing non stop. He just went on and on about how stupid i was to wear my knee length boots (which btw kept me warm) instead of sneakers. It was a nice way to bid adieu to the Summer of 2009. Did take a few pics, but none came out that well because it was dark and the flash was not as powerful as i thought it would be.

I am gonna be a bit aloof for the next one week because my Internet conn. is being transferred to the new apartment and yes it will take one week to just shift it to the next building. I will have to connect via my phone and that's a bit frustrating, so i have decided to let go of FB and orkut and the like for a week. Gonna see if i have the will power to stay away. So when i write in the next time, it will be from our new pad. Till then ciao!


  1. We will wait for you new post. Have fun and stay warm! :D

    I liked the pic with the sand art!

  2. Interesting read:-)!!!!!

    And oh, Happy shifting;-D!!!!

  3. Butterfly..ya me too..there were quite a few, but the crowd were too much and so couldnt take pics of anything else
    Reflections..thanks..still carting things over. Havent shifted completely and my internet conn has not yet been cut, i wonder y...