Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 5- GM Diet!

..was fairly uneventful. I am not desperately hungry and I don't feel tired. The one good thing that has come out of this diet, if not weight loss, is how good my skin looks now..i think its all the water that i have been drinking. So even if i don't lose much weight, I can at least fuss over my skin..

Someone commented and asked me how is this a GM diet when I'm cheating my way through..well my aim was to stick to the diet cent percent. I couldn't, and so am still continuing just to see if there would be a change at all at the end of it.

Morning- a cup of coffee (the usual)
Lunch- a 10 oz burger patty, grilled.
Tea- a few biscuits (I baked these and couldn't help but delve into some right out of the oven)
Dinner- a grilled 7 oz burger patty made with lean beef, and baby tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper and a few sips of red wine (my husband, how mean he was, to actually convince me that a glass of wine wouldn't do any harm.I fell for it initially and realised i wasn't enjoying it too much and so stopped with just a few sips)
Would have had about 6 glasses of water (less compared to the usual)

Weight at the end of day 5, 55.5 kg (duh)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 4- GM Diet!

Day 4, according to people who have done the diet (including my mom), seem to be the most difficult with just bananas and milk. Now i don't mind eating bananas at all...I mean I actually like it, but the milk..i cringed and decided to skip and that's when my ever smart (pun intended) husband suggested i have it with a wee bit of horlicks to mask the milky taste. Great idea, I thought and went ahead with it only to realise that whatever you do to plain milk, it tastes milky whatsoever. Especially the whole milk we get here, is so thick...yuck! So i added some sugar, well lots of it and it was a pleasure 2 drink :)

Morning- a cup of coffee with little milk and loads of sugar :) :) :) (got tied up with work so skipped breakfast)
Lunch- 1/2 cup cauli and potato sabzi
Tea- 1 cup milk (with 1 tsp horlicks and quite a bit of sugar) and 3 small bananas
Dinner- 1/4 cup potato cauli sabzi, a few slices of chicken and 3 more bananas

Weight at the end of day 4: 56kg (it actually shows 55.5 but I'm gonna just say 56 cos id then be more motivated)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 3- GM Diet!

Ok so i messed up, well almost!
We had invited a few people over for dinner and I couldn't be rude and eat my own fruit and veggie (which btw if I had eaten, would have definitely gone mad!). So cheated, big time. I hope it doesn't affect the diet significantly though!

Breakfast- 1 cup coffee with a wee bit milk, but loads of sugar (I decided I was never gonna skip this ever!)
Lunch- a pear (I was not feeling hungry at all)
Dinner- hogged a bit (I don't want to reveal and make a fool out of myself). Also had brandy lemonade

But the good part is, the head ache trauma and the lethargic feeling has vanished. I didn't feel hungry that much and so I didn't force myself to eat the fruit/veg.

Weight at the end of day 3- 57kg (gained .5kg)- not impressed!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 2- GM Diet

I couldn't post the update yesterday..why you my ask?? Well because I thought I would die of a headache. It started on Monday night and whole of yesterday I had a splitting headache. Again I don't know what the reason is, but it made my life miserable. I couldn't concentrate on work or anything for that matter. Spent the whole day in bed. When Ro came home i burst into tears saying I didn't want to continue the diet secretly hoping he would ban me from continuing. Instead he consoled me saying its only 5 more days, you can do it! Bummer! 

Cheated a lot yesterday because I couldn't handle the headache and I decided it was either because I was sugar deprived or caffeine deprived. And by night I was in such a fowl mood that Ro made a cup of horlicks (with no sugar..yuck) and before I went to bed had a crocin.

Breakfast- 1 large baked potato with salt and a pat of butter (this tasted so damn good and kept me full till evening)
Lunch-tea time- baby carrots (had quite a few) (also had 2 biscuits hehe)
Dinner- Baby tomatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice (I love this any day, but yesterday somehow it seemed a bit painful eating it), a glass of horlicks
I would have had about 8 glasses of water (all the while imagining it to be brandy lemonade)

Checked my weight this morning and it shows 56.5 kg (not much of a difference)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 1- GM Diet!

What the hell was I thinking???????????????????????????
That's what went through my my mind all day, and even now. I struggled through Day 1 with great difficulty. Eating fruits one whole day sounded like cake walk when I read it on a website, but in reality I hated it. The fact that my husband decided to be the devil in disguise and tempt me with food didn't make it any easier. While I gnawed my way through an apple, Ro was biting into a cheese quesadilla. While I was sipping the barely-edible GM-diet soup, he was grinning at me with a half eaten pizza slice in hand. Sigh! how much more of this I can handle, I have no clue. This time its not just myself I'm gonna admit defeat, its to all of I'd be pronouncing to the whole world about the lil or no will power...

I was in a foul mood all day and had a headache. I wonder if it was just psychological (because I read about it online) or if it was the heater on full blast since its been raining non stop or generally me being me, but the day just crawled. 

Morning- had a cup of black coffee with 1 tsp sugar (cheated on that itself)
Lunch- a box of cherries
Tea time- a cup of black tea with a dash of lime and 1 tsp sugar + an apple
Dinner- the GM-diet soup and a slice of watermelon
I would have had about 7 glasses of water as well.

I don't have a digital scale, so noting down exact weight is not possible. But as of now I see NO change:( 

PS: Thanks all you guys who wrote in about the diet..I know its a fad diet and it has its ups and downs, but like id mentioned before this is more of a personal thing that I need to do for myself.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The GM Diet

I have absolutely no will power to do anything, leave alone patience. I start everything with great enthusiasm only to see it sizzle away in a matter of days, sometimes, minutes even!

This time however, I am determined to do this right till the end. I have been hogging on all the food I make (don't believe me..take a look here) and I don't fit into my jeans. This has never ever happened to me and I gasped. So I decided to do this diet for 2 reasons:

To reduce the unnecessary weight I've gained (obviously!) and
to try and finish something I start, for a change.
(well the 2nd is also to prove my husband wrong..he laughed at me when said the D word, yet again)

I am hoping that by sharing it on a blog, I would at least be motivated to carry on for the entire week. I shall chart out what I ate and how I handled it. I know I make it sound like labour pain but humour me please...

Here's hoping I'd be at least 3 kgs less at the end of the week.

Starting at 127 lbs/ 57.6 kg on a Sunday evening.