Friday, 22 May 2009

To Watch or not to watch

An update on the movie scene:

Latest ones:
Angels and Demons: This was much much better than Da Vinci Code. Tom Hanks looks old though!
Star Trek: I hate the Star Trek series on telly and dreaded having to sit through the movie. Was surprised when i started enjoying myself though i kept interrupting Ro with doubts. He tried to explain it all to me at the end and was getting slightly irritated that i wasn't following it :). I obviously had tonnes of doubts with the one topping it all, 'Ro who is Kirk?' who happens to be the protagonist (yeah most of you might be thinking what the hell I'm doing suggesting movies..hehehe). Moreover i totally think Chris Pine looked immensely cute and he's even better in the movie Blind Dating.
State of Play: A good watch except that it was a bit of a drag in between.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Absolute chick flick. I always like to watch a lighter movie after a serious one, where i don't have to think much and that's how we ended up watching this after State of Play. Jennifer Garner's collagen injected lip seriously looks hideous. Mathew McConaughey is very annoying at times, but yeah like i said its a light movie to watch.
X-Men Origins: Loved the movie, except Wolverine's over-built body was kinda giving me the creeps on an off.
I love You Man: Ro liked it (should i be worried???!!!). Its a pleasant movie with some humour thrown in that doesn't make you roll on the floor and laugh, but a chuckle here and there.

Older ones:
Lakeview Terrace: Watched it at home in between chores and so couldn't concentrate on it whole heartedly. Its branded as a thriller but i didn't think it was one, though getting a neighbour like Samuel L Jackson would be something to be worried about:)
The Motorcycle Diaries: Its a story on the travel expeditions of Che Guevara and the basis of his fight against ecocnomic inequalities. Quite an entertainer except i would have preferred if the cause was a little more powerful than the travelogue itself. The cinematography was gorgeous.

What were we thinking?????????
Crank High Voltage: Oh dear Lord, i have never seen such a horrible movie in my life (except for the lame Hindi masala ones, of course). You can keep your brain back at home and go watch the movie. You just don't need it!!! And also leave your children behind. In the credits i saw the costume designers name and i turned and asked Ro whether he saw anyone in the movie with actual clothes on? There is also a lot of swearing and gross scenes which i don't even want to discuss. There was a total of 10 people in the movie hall and majority were Desi's. The lads behind us had a good time (porn at the local cinema wowoieee!). I hated every second of it but there were mixed opinions too. Some of the others who joined us said they enjoyed it for the total lack or reality and brainlessness, and asked me not to be so serious about such movies. Seriously? Watch it if you don't believe me!
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian: As bad or maybe even worse than the first part. The humour (if at all you refer to it as humour!) sucks and it was just frustrating to sit through the 105 minutes of utter torture.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hard Rock calling...

It was my first visit ever to Hard Rock Cafe, London (cant count the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas..i only got a sneak peak) and i thoroughly enjoyed it. One, because i really enjoy the usual American fare and two, its the first Hard Rock Cafe in the world (opened in 1971). Since it was a weekday we thought reservations wouldn't be necessary, but to our surprise it was packed and we had a two hour wait. There was also a concert on and so we decided to check that out. Entry was separate and four amateur bands were performing. The first band was just about to start when we walked in. I was a little over excited seeing all the rock and roll memorabilia covering the walls and Ro had this totally disinterested look on his face. A look that implies he's thinking hard about some serious hes gonna give me some gyan about life in general and the root of all our arguments...the disapproval of how we should live our lives..Well we had started off on a bad note in the train and i warned him saying we should go back if he intends to stick to the boring behaviour. But we didn't and i decided to have a nice time no matter what..If Ro didn't, it was his loss.
But as soon as our drinks came and the band was in full swing, the moods changed. Ro so totally is a music buff and he enjoyed it. I love the American joints like TGIF and Chili's and now HRC for the variety of fancy Cocktails they serve. The boring pubs in UK have wine, cider, ales or beer (100's of varieties of those but no cocktails. Now who cant go to a super market and get those?) But cocktails have this personalised feel to it and you mix and match and you get something either good or something horrific at the end). 

Once in TGIF, when i was finding it difficult to make up my mind, the bar boy (gorgeously cute) told me,'I can make anything and everything love, tell me what you want. And i said, 'Go ahead,surprise me.' No actually i asked him for a Long Island Iced Tea and he convinced me I'd like the California Iced Tea instead (forgot what the ingredients were) and it was amazing.
My Berry-rita

Coming back to HRC....I had a Berry-rita which is the cranberry version of the Margarita. Was so so good, except I need to ask them to go easy on the ice the next time. It kinda gets diluted after a while. Ro had the same ol Gin and Tonic..something i also have recently started to enjoy with a hint of orange lemonade. 
Two hours went by quite fast with the bands in full swing and we went back to the cafe just in time for our table. Our dear waitress Anna from Poland was at our service. Ro has this habit of striking up a conversation with anyone and everyone (fellow passengers in a train, the barber, the guy at the till, the concierge etc). I on the other hand hate having to make conversation with people leave alone strangers. I pray that my hair dresser doesn't start talking to me, i go to the self check-out section to avoid chit chats at the till and in the trains..i pretend to sleep. How made for each other are we? So yes, you guessed right..Ro got her entire life history and as he said..if i hadn't glared at him, he would have also gotten her phone number. She, in the process of yapping her life story, forgot our order and had to ask us again (no tips for you, Polish woman!).
American food..oh how absolutely tasty they are- the ribs, spicy chicken wings and steaks and sandwiches. The quantities are also humongous unlike Brit food which is bland and tasteless and variety-less. All the freaking pubs here have a pie, fish and chips, roast beef or chicken (trust me they are horrible) and if you are lucky, burgers (by now you may have realized how biased i am). Our drinks came in (I ordered a Hurricane (Keepers they are called if you want to keep the glass as a souvenir) and Ro had some rum based cocktail-forgot the name in my excitement on seeing the souvenir) followed by a Trio platter of BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken and Smoked Pulled-Pork served with fries, beans and coleslaw and the Hickory Smoked chicken wings with a bleu cheese dip and celery sticks (did i mention I'm off the Kelloggs diet for this week?). There was just way too much food and we ended up wasting a bit. I wanted to try the desserts, but had absolutely no space for it. Will go back another day and have it.
It was a bit expensive which was to be expected since its American fare in UK. In the US, its dirt cheap and they have a wider variety too..we used to frequently visit the TGIF's in Chicago and they finally gave us a membership card (yeah!).
It sure was a night i enjoyed after a long long time and thank you Ro for making it fun filled and not grumpy-like. Although my ramblings were about the cocktails and the US/UK comparison, I'm guessing you have at least a faint idea about the Hard Rock Cafe in general. Posting some pics to add to the fun:)
Hurricane (I got the glass as the souvenir) and the Rum drink

Some of the stuff on the walls

Madonna's Jacket (Ro was upset her spiked undies were not on display)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Me or the Rainbow?

The weather had been crappy the last couple of days and so the weekend was washed out. Ro tried his best to get me outta the house, but i was so lazy (so whats new?) and convinced him to chill out at home. Sneaked in a movie on Sat. at the theatre, but other than that all we did was eat, drink, sleep and watch the telly. Ro displayed his culinary skills on Sunday with a kappa and meen curry lunch and it was impressive. I of course was present for the moral support and then to eat:)
After a heavy lunch and then a movie i announced my departure for an hour long bath. It was raining and i was so in the mood for a tub bath. So filled in the tub and jumped in with an OK mag. (Ro thought i was getting way too spoilt). Wanted to light some candles too, but i remembered only after i jumped into the bath and Ro would definitely not have agreed to do so for me. I was just done with the bath and i hear a shout from the balcony
Ro: Nish come fast...
Me: What is it?
Ro: Two rainbows, come fast
Me: Pleeeeease wait (was i telling the rainbow???!!!)
Ro: Its getting cloudy, so come fast
(I ran out on to the balcony with a towel around me. But by the time i got there one was already fading away)
Me: Wow so pretty, take a pic, take a pic.
Ro: Wont get a clear one (but he still runs to get the cam)
Me: See everyone's out on their balconies looking at the pretty rainbow
Ro: They are all looking at you, you fool. Get inside!
Me: You think so? But I thi..... (Ro gives me the stare and i run inside)

Got a 'not so great pic' of the rainbow. But anyways take a look:
Notice the colour contrasts. The blue skies getting cloudy.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

If only every day was a Friday

The Tate Modern Art Gallery on the Way to South Bank. You can walk all along the river side.

It was a productive Friday for me, for a change. I went out to Borough market for a lunch date with Ro and enjoyed it a lot. I had tomato and basil baguette with a salty beef filling. The condiments were the best sauce, Dijon mustard, spicy salsa and garlic mayo. For 4.35 quid you get a huge baguette and very filling. Ro opted for his usual- prawn and fish (very very fishy) in a tortilla wrap. Dessert choices were way too many and we started with a chocolate filled eclair and a french cake (teeny weeny cakes with a caramel and orange glaze). I had to have the carrot cake and after walking past umpteen dessert stalls i finally decided on one, but when i got there the banana cakes were way more appealing and i bought that instead. Ro picked up a double chocolate brownie (so much for my Kelloggs Special K diet!).
From the time Ro went for his Schengen Visa to the German Consulate, he's been telling me to head to Sloane Street in Knightsbridge (a very upmarket area- home to a lot of celebrities like Nigella Lawson, Hugh Grant etc). Since i didn't have much on my agenda, and since i wanted to pick up a pair of shoes, i thought id head out there. Well, well what awaits me is a never ending lane of Armani's and Louis Vuittons and D & G's and Chanels. He sent me to a street with only branded shops! Why? I have no idea? Does he generally want me to feel horrible? No idea! Anyways i walked down the lane and each step i took i just felt more miserable in seeing the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags. I walked into the  Jimmy Choo boutique and loved almost everything there. Now the weird part was, the shops were practically empty and so when a customer walks in occasionally, its a treat for them. They hover around you in the hope you would buy something. I, with my torn jeans and dirty sneaker, was definitely not of interest to them. So it made me very awkward walking into these and trying on stuff. In some of the shops, i was the only one. I blamed it on the credit crunch. The Yves Siant Lauren outlet had a sale. I walked in to find out that the cheapest item on sale cost an arm and a leg. Walked out telling myself that it was anyways not my style. But i also told myself I'll pick up a Jimmy Choo shoe atleast on eBay!
After a vain attempt at trying to figure out the bus route to Trafalgar Square i decided to walk towards the nearest tube station. There are a couple of affordable shops in and around that area. Did numerous trial sessions at Next and H&M, picked up a nail kit and mag from Boots and headed to Ro's office in London Bridge. His office is right by the Thames River and there are a couple of cafe/bars/pubs with Al fresco dining. Picked up a coffee and was just beginning to settle down with the mag when the freaking pigeons started bugging me (I hate anything with feathers- to be more precise birds freak the hell out of me). So in my process of moving from one point to the other i ended up not reading the mag and not enjoying the coffee and would have sent atleast 10 messages in a span of 15minutes to Ro asking him to come out fast. Anyways we then walked over to South Bank where a lot of concerts and dance and arty farty stuff happens. There was a free Jazz concert on and so hung around there for a long two hours. I, for a change, actually enjoyed the concert even though i couldn't relate to it that much. Caught a movie on the way back and reached home really late. 
.....if only every day was like this Friday:)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Ohhhh Retail Therapy!

A very close friend gifted me this tee ages back to prove a point. Thanks Jungle Jane:)

Wow what wonders retail therapy can do to you. While Ro was out London Looping with his buddies, i crawled out of bed at 12pm, lazed around, watched a few episodes of Family Guy and then headed out to the mall nearby and shopped:)
Tried on so many clothes and shoes but only bought a nice lil summer dress (which i don know when I'll be able to wear, considering the crappy weather). Have noted a few things I'd like to come back and buy though. Then i picked up a whole lot of cereals so i can start this new diet. Remember i told you about the mixed feelings..yeah this is all part of that..cos i was initially following the 'low GI diet' recipe book (which is now neatly stashed away in a corner) and eating healthy, but now have decided to go completely opposite by doing the Kellogg's Special K 'Slimmer for Summer' Challenge. Yes i am not able to make up my mind about anything..Like on Sunday when Ro asked me what I wanted do.. and i just stared into space trying to actually think 'WHAT THE HELL I WANTED TO DO.' This is how the conversation went:
Me: I don't know. 
Ro: So shall i then decide what to do? I nodded. Lets go to Hyde Park and....' Didn't complete the sentence..
Me:...oh you don't want to do anything i like, you are so selfish. Pout! 
Ro: Nish i just asked you what you wanted to do and you didn't have anything on your mind..and that's why i said lets do this. BRAT!
Me: Whatever! Pout, pout. (I didn't get anything concrete to argue about and a smile accidentally escaped. And then i couldn't control the fact that i was being such a pain and how stupid i sounded). I agreed finally, not to take part in the rollerblading expedition, but to just watch.
We ultimately didn't go to Hyde Park cos Ro's friends couldn't make it. Dinner out and a movie was the next best thing, and so we did just that. 

The weekend was not as bad as i thought it would be. I start my new diet today and wonder how long that's gonna last. 

Friday, 8 May 2009

Mixed Feelings

I'm having mixed feelings about a lot of things now. Its just the other day that i was giving all the gyan i can about living life to the fullest and adjusting with wherever we are. I am totally contradicting it now..I WANT TO GO BACK HOME. I hate it here. I actually don't know whether this going back thing is associated with the fact that my cousin is down from the US, all my friends are getting together for a wedding, my moms making plans to do a lot of travelling with my cousin and then the most obvious one..I'm lonely and I'm missing everyone like crazy. I have this urge to be pampered by my grandma, have some undivided attention from my parents and endlessly chatter with my bestest friends over a cup of coffee. Me and Ro recently had a discussion about how different our interests were, and we decided we shouldn't force each other to do it, rather go ahead and do whatever it is you want. The argument started off with Ro wanting to go rollerblading in Hyde Park and insisting i join him. I don't know how to do so and didn't want to waste 20 quid to rent a blade, fall down and hurt myself on a  day when the weather is pathetic (not that its ok to fall any other day). Ro has a lot of his school friends around and he is on a different trip altogether. Don't get me wrong here, they are really fun to be with and i don't mind meeting up with them and their families once in a while. But me being the anti-social element is not fond of meeting up every other weekend and we rarely share the same interests (children, buggies, schools, nap time, feeding time etc.). And i take ages to get comfortable around people. 
I was talking about my mood swings right, well its a Friday and Ro called me around evening to say we were all to meet up at a friends place. The nasty, PMSing (this is post btw) me bawls over the phone for no apparent reason making Ro very uncomfortable. He then thinks twice about going. But i was smart enough to snap out of it soon and convinced him to carry on. I have absolutely no idea why on earth i said i was not joining them. I lied i was lazy, but that's not it. I am not able to figure out what is going through my mind. I didn't see him for 2 hrs and so i called and called and called and again started crying over the phone (you must be thinking I seriously have issues right?) saying he promised he'd be back for a Pizza dinner (he vaguely mentioned). This is just a simple example of the utter nonsense i put Ro through! He does deserve a prize for bearing with me.
Ro has been a smart ass and has now made his own plans for the weekend. He's going on a 16km walk on the London Loop with his pals tomorrow, and on Sunday roller blading in HP. Who is the loser here? ME!!!! I want to learn salsa dancing and have been asking Ro to join me because most of the places require you bring a partner. He is not interested and i have put it off because i don't have anyone to go with. So now since we are on this trip of doing our own thing, i think i should put on my dancing shoes and enroll for a class. What say? My heads asking me to do my own thing, but my heart wants to do everything with Ro and make an effort to like what he likes (but rollerblading is still a strict NO!). I never used to be like this..i couldn't care less. I guess marriage (and the fact that i don't have a life out here) has made me weak hearted. It makes me pick on small small things like these. 
I usually look forward to a weekend, but this one has already spoilt my mood (spoilt would be an understatement). I don't know what to do. So here i am sipping on a breezer and watching the world pass by (actually watching whats going on in the apartments opposite ours).
All you others have a nice weekend. Sulk! Sulk!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Market Hopping

I was sulking and brooding all of last week..about life in general. Fought with Ro, gave him the silent treatment and then on Friday when he asked me to go for a movie with him, i denied and he went on his own...well almost, cos by the time he got to the underground station i called him and he like a sweetheart returned...and then we fought again, that's another story:). I know i should be spanked. In my defence it was that time of the month. When will men ever understand what we go through??????? But anyways, now we are back in love. 
I had to do an article for a magazine on the weekend markets in London and i went market hopping last Saturday . I went all alone (rem the fight?) and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a marvellous day and i completely took in the sun that hadn't been out whole of last week. I am posting some pics here. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The Old Spitalfields Market

We grabbed lunch at Greenwich Market on Sunday. Also had the yummiest Cheesecake ever.

Remember the movie Notting Hill? Well this is Portobello Market. Most of that movie was shot in and around this area. The travel shop around the corner (from the movie) is still there. It was way too crowded and so i couldnt get a proper pic of that. Its an antique market and you get anything from Vintage clothing to leather to coins to it and you get it.

This is Borough Market next to London Bridge. Its a favourite hangout for Ro (his office is near the London Bridge) and he grabs lunch here on most Fridays. You get awesome desserts and yummy pies, tarts, thai food  etc. We picked up our Orange tree from here.