Thursday, 18 March 2010

In Full Bloom

My Daffodils are in full bloom and i love love taking pics of the same.
'....When all at once i saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils' William Wordsworth
Well that's kinda what the scene is right now, in all the common areas around our apartment complex. Its like a lush yellow carpet and absolutely gorgeous. Although it was a bummer to know they grow like wild flowers, when we kinda paid for the potted ones, but nonetheless, i love it and if I'm not too lazy, i'll go out and click a few pics of the daffodils 'fluttering and dancing in the breeze.'
My basil, coriander and parsley have also started to sprout after we moved it from the balcony indoors. Even if the temp. is in double digits, the wind chill is quite unbearable. The Serano Chilli Seeds which we got from Wahaca restaurant is still shy to come out i signs of growth there.
Do i have a green thumb? I'm still not sure. I love to look at the plants and take pics, but not take care of it, like water it and think of 'how to create the green house effect' like Ro does. I just stand back and make fun of him :)
I can also see fresh green leaves appearing on the trees and shrubs and we have never been so excited about the weather this way. I even dared to go out to the store next door in my track pants and open shoes. The wind screwed my happiness, but atleast i didn't have to wear my thermals. Spring cleaning should start soon and I cant wait to stack away the heavy jackets and woollens. We used to make fun of the locals who used to get out when the suns shining and now we do the same, and have endless discussions on how Summer, in London this year, will be brilliant. I thoroughly look forward to it. Anyone who wants to visit UK..Summer should be your aim.


  1. Very nice snaps...and well written....

  2. The pictures are beautiful:-)!!!!!!

    Ur connection with plants kinda reminds me of mom had pots and pots of flowers and show plants and at the most I wd water them grudgingly. But during exam times I used to willingly muck around in the mud and do the hands on shifting of plants and weeding etc. And I wd actually find it so interesting & wonder why I didnt do it earlier. But after the exams got over I wd not turn and look at them till the next exams;-D

  3. haha thats interesting:)
    My plants all seem 2 die after a while...i think im jinxed:)

  4. I love my plants and water them too but they keep dying on me. Boo Hoo! And the pigeons are not helping at all. They seem not to care abt the already dry plants. They insisting on jumping into my pots from the wall, thereby slowly killing them. Crap!

  5. so paranoid about birds...and the other day my fern fell over and ro insisted it was cos of the pigeons and i prayed so hard it was cos of the be happy 2 discard my plants if its attracting the birds:)

  6. Pictures look amazing! Well written

  7. =D very nice post..loved reading it n all the others!...n congrats to ur one year!! i knw its coming in quiet late..but then btr late than never!

    hope all is well~