Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Self proclaimed Hypochondriac and a few insignificant things

Ok I'm definitely a hypochondriac or there is something seriously wrong with me. My latest worry is my diagnosis of various ailments (well nothing less than cancer, if I may add) and Ro has had it with me and has threatened to cut internet connection if i didn't stop googling every little thing. Easy for him to say, he's not hypochrondiac (I just found out this term btw).
Last months PMS caused a whole lotta dilemma...i bawled my eyes out one night saying I was going to die and Ro didn't make it any easier, saying out loud he wouldn't make the same mistake again and will marry someone with a bit more brains the next time. Then I bawled at that for a while which confirmed it was PMS.
The thing is I see these symptoms online and then force myself to believe i have it, because the very next day I seem to somehow have that very symptom i read about. Oh my god, that sounds even more retarded out loud. Sigh! I also think its because I suddenly have a wee bit of time on my hands after a very hectic summer..which brings me to my apology..sorry about not being a regular here. A whole lot of you have asked me to continue writing here and I would be lying if i said i didn't miss this page.
The thing is, I started this space to vent out my anger and frustration and i have done it quite a bit. I guess I'm a much happier person now (touch wood) and have come to love London even more than Chennai. I just don't miss India any more. Should i be happy about that??? Still wondering.
Anyhoo, summer went by in a whiz and now signs of Autumn are here. I almost cried out loud when I saw a yellow leaf on the road recently exclaiming fall was here...and it is!
Leaving you with a few pics we took during summer.

First day of summer...Pub lunch at the Fullers Inn

Picnic at Regents Park followed by a game of Frisbee

Pretty Bonsai collection at the BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham (I won tickets to this show yaaay)

A bright and sunny day at Hampton Court Foodies Festival

White Cliffs of Dover

Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast in Dorset

Mayfield Lavender Field, Surrey

Autumn Showers


  1. Beautiful photos..Well,I do the same-google about everything and then freak out !!
    Keep writing


  2. Story of my life, except the other way. My husband is the self proclaimed doctor.

    Your blog is an absolute delight to read!!! Its a perfect blend of humor and reality.

  3. Hurrayyy!!! I was just about to tell u that u seem happier these days.. And there u confirm it in ur blog! Great going girl! I'm happy for u:) And m happy for myself too:)

  4. My daughter is just like that - hypochondriac
    I learnt a new word today.I too love this space of yours.Lovely pictures and that bonsai looks fantastic!!

  5. That is a lovely Bonzai.
    And the other pictures too are swell.

  6. Keep writing here as frequently as u do in the other one.. Its really interesting to read your words..

  7. hii!
    wow! the pink bonsai plant and Durdle Door beach are just soo amazing!

    thanks for posting :)

  8. Welcome back!! I hope u are going to be more regular.

    Those pics!!! I am sure this is what heaven looks like. Come to think of it, in the face of nature like that, I'd be smiling all the time!

    LOL abt the hypochondriac thing! U r sooo funny!

    Have a nice day!

  9. wow....they're beautiful...and the bonsai juz rokzzz...!!!!gr8 blog!!!

  10. The bonzai looks awesome and so do all the other pictures. This hypochondriac business is so true for me too. Check with Namitha if you don't believe me I do just like you. Read about a small rash or ache or pain and think the worst of it. And then PMS the dreaded %^&*$@#

    Good to see you back. Saw your facebook wall about cooking blog becoming too much. It does get to me sometimes too. One suggestion I have.. get guest writers to write. Have a lovely day!

  11. hey...even i do this..keep googling about health and then find myself matching to the 1000 symptoms they list and tell my husband that i seem to be in danger now..he he..glad to know that u r from chennai as well...i write on lot of products across india..check out...:)

  12. Oh what lovely pictures on your blog!!

  13. bonsai snap is amazig...loved its color..super photography.. :)

  14. I think most of has the same prob....Lovely snaps....

  15. Lovely shots! ladybird

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  17. We should form a club... That is the problem with having information and not all of it...

    Great pics...