Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mushy post alert!!!

So..I love my husband. period. Does it sound strange coming from my mouth? Especially since Ive been brashing him on both my blogs?? Well the truth is, I think he's simply the best...I don't think I would have lasted if it was for any other guy..except maybe Christian Bale or which case I would have just shut up and lived with him no matter what (as long as I am allowed to just sit there and drool at him and maybe once in a while be hugged or kissed).
Ok not getting carried away here (although I'm highly temped.. I could divulge the Mr Bale and me dreams)

I have been sitting back and wondering how lucky I actually am, incredibly lucky that is! Of course every wife considers their husband like god..except for me maybe..not God for sure. Although at times when I exclaim "oh god"..Ro would actually reply saying "did you call me." So vain..yeah I know! But I do regard him quite highly, if that's what you want to know. He's the sane one in the relationship, the one who's got a good head on his shoulders, the one who makes decision-making so much more easier (in spite of me arguing like a mad woman about everything). He never complains about anything especially the chores that need to be done around the house. How can anyone be so pro active in life. I mean he would come back from work, tired and all but would still be happy to do the dishes. Or at least pretends to not be hassled by it. While I groan and complain and bitch about having to make one..just one meal a day.

And the one day Ro says something about food being laid on the table a little late, I throw such a tantrum and fight with him and say all sorts of mean things. The one good thing I've learned over the years is to forgive and forget fast. Something I was never good at.. I could brood for weeks because Ro said something mean to me (friends who know me well will vouch for that). But now we fight and argue for some 15 minutes and then storm out of the room (mostly me) and after about an hour or so pretend like nothing ever happened. 

I used to complain about him not being romantic (what is it with us girls and romance???), and he actually asks me to piss off. But the small things he does sometimes at the spur of the moment makes me love him to bits. Like the time I was bugging him to dance with me at a party and he completely ignored saying he was too old for this shit. And i just stayed away. But after a while a slow song was playing and he grabbed me by the arms and dragged me on to floor saying, 'now this is a song id like to dance to.' or the time I was bawling my eyes out about something silly and he tried to make me feel alright by trying to play my favourite song on the guitar...and I had no clue he knew that was my favourite song. Or at night while we are in bed and he sings to me...And the rare (very, very, very) days where he picks up a bunch of flowers for me..Id be so damn thrilled and Ro would be all embarrassed. Or when he comes back home from work and swoops me down for a kiss. Things like that mean so much to me, but I don't know if I've ever told him that or he knows that at all???

I am glad that even after 5 years of being married, we still have that spark in least I do. I agree its not all smooth sailing and such, but most of the time, its that way for us now and when its not its mostly me at fault (I wouldn't agree on that if he asked me directly though). We have certainly come a long long way.

So the other day when we were on our way back from a friends place I suddenly blurted out to Ro that he was the bestest husband in the whole wide world and he was like 'yeah baby...I know!' (gloating??? yeah I thought so too). But I'm gonna let him get away with that. I am gonna make this year the 'I love my husband to bits year' and try and make him feel that marrying me was the best decision he ever made in his life.

Ex girl this!

PS: Don't jinx me (or I think I've already done that to myself) cos my tomorrows post might be about how I'm stuck in a loveless marriage and is considering a one night stand with a Christian Bale lookalike ;) (drool)


  1. haahha Christian Bale bit is darn cute!!

    congratulations to the "bestest husband in the whole wide world" and to you too for being candid and expressive here...not many ladies remember to appreciate!

    Roshan has aged gracefully ;P

    all the best with the difficult resolution you've taken!

    and i seriously think you shd add a music linky here for your reader to listen to while reading this...mood add!

  2. Loved reading this post. If your hubby doesn't know that you hold him in high regard he should read this post too..
    Umm about Christian Bale, is he really that attractive? I dunno about that. I have a long list of guys who I would want to have an one-night stand with(Only figuratively speaking of-course) starting from Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Victor Webster, Ben Barnes, Hugh Jackman but not CB. LoL and I could almost hear your relief. :-)

  3. Bring on the mush! You read my last post, right??

    Husbands....! um.... Am not going to attempt completing that sentence.

  4. I sooooooooo love reading your posts.

    I feel there is a bit (err a large chunk, infact) of me in you. One day I brood over how stuck I am in a loveless marriage, the next day I realize I couldn't have got anyone better. (Yeah mine cleans, mops, shops, looks after the kids, feeds them, cuddles and kisses me, etc) Blame it all on the hormones.

    Wish you the best for your mission to make this your 'love my hubby to bits' year.

    I love your two blogs. Great going girl!

  5. All the best with the lovin Nish!!! (As you already have Ro...please leave Christian Bale for us :D ha ha!

  6. I like how you write- it reads just like an open book :).