Thursday, 16 April 2009


Day 3 started pretty early since we decided to head to Cambridge for the day. If i didn't get a good nights sleep, then I'm a cranky bitch. But on Easter morn i was as fresh and awake as a sunflower, except that Ro insisted he make breakfast..that too an elaborate one..and i was not too happy leaving the unwashed vessels in the sink since we didn't have enough time. I cant have a heavy bf as soon as i wake up and so i opted for just the coffee, which again I'm very particular about and make it on my own even if I'm at my heights of laziness.
Cambridge is about an hour away by train and is as beautiful and scholarly as you imagined it to be. The University comprises of 31 different colleges (something i didn't know) and has a strong alumni. Isaac Newton, William Wordsworth, Rajiv Gandhi, Prince Charles etc. were some of the renowned people who studied there. We opted for a walking tour of the University and was absolutely worth it (would have been even better if the weather was a bit generous). The guide explained every single thing about the Univ-from admissions to graduation, what every nook and corner of the Univ was known for, the people who studied there and its age old traditions. I seriously would have taken up some sort of course if it wasn't for the exorbitant fee international students had to pay even after a scholarship. My days at Madras Christian College were deeply missed. I regret not having stayed in campus to enjoy the MCCian way of life, to be part of the elections, the hall days and the traditions. 
The tour ended at the famous King's College Chapel known for the Carol service broadcasts on BBC on Christmas Eve. The chapel is a true example of Gothic architecture. Flash photography was not allowed inside, so the pics we took doesn't really do justice. There is a massive pipe organ in the middle and the stained glass windows are a sight to be admired. We were supposed to make it to a choir service but got held up at the pub for lunch and missed it. Ro was pretty upset. He's a real music buff and wanted to be part of it so badly. I promised him we'd come back another day.
After lunch at The Eagle (where Francis Crick and James Watson discovered 'the secret of life' after they figured out the DNA structure) we headed out for the punting session along River Cam- one of the traditional ways of exploring the college. Since we had already taken the walking tour, this was more or less a repetition, but the whole boat ride was so romantic and serene, none of us complained. The more adventurous types opt to do their own punting and so be prepared to be bumped by/into other punts since most of them don't know how to professionally steer. We however opted for a chauffeur. The 2 hour walking tour plus the 45 minute punting session cost us about 11 quid per person which is not a bad deal at all. By the time we headed back home it was about 10pm and we were pooped. Ro cooked dinner for us even after all that. 
Most of Day 4 was spent at a Desi restaurant in Tooting called Dosa & Chutney. We were about 8 and ordered so so much that by the end of it, we just wanted to sleep somewhere. Which is what everyone except us decided to do. We caught Monsters vs Aliens at the theatre. It was a 3D movie, but there was absolutely nothing 3D about it. There was probably one scene in the entire movie - a ping pong ball which had some sort of 3D effect- and i managed to miss exactly that cos i ran to the loo. That's so typical me.
And thus came to an end my fabulous bank holiday weekend. I was so lethargic for the next two days that i seriously wished for that genie to appear and do all the cooking and cleaning. The genie never appeared but Ro in the form of a genie was all i needed:)

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