Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cant really think of a heading

The weekend was pretty amazing for a change. I actually ended up having a nice time. So here’s what i/we did.

I woke up on Friday with this extra oomph and was up and ready by 10am (it is an achievement for me because these days i don’t even bother waking up till 11 or so). Headed to Oxford Street- the busiest shopping area ever. There is this energy when you get into Central London. It’s bustling with tourists and shoppers and what not. It was comparatively a warm day and it was colourful for a change. Otherwise all you see are dull black and grey coats and depressing umbrellas.

I have a friend who works in Oxford Circus and so decided to catch up with her for lunch. She took me to this really nice Thai Pub called Masons Arms. I had the chicken Phad Thai noodle and Olivia had the Thai red curry with rice. The food was awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed it (the gossiping and the catching up was even better). Dessert was at this French bistro. I picked up a fig and peach tart and Olivia, a blueberry cheese cake. Continued our yak yak session and then i pushed off to galavant a bit more. Checked out quite a few stores on Oxford Street but didn’t buy anything. After a while i got sick of window shopping. That doesn’t interest me much these days you know. Whats the point when you cant buy anything. Also i have decided i would only shop when sales are on. Last year i bought this really expensive leather jacket and two months later it was on sale for Christmas for half the price. Felt pretty stupid.

Had to pick up some grocery from M&S and so hung around there for a while and then headed home. Fridays are pizza nights so i didn’t have to cook anything (not that i otherwise prepare a feast, but still). A movie and pizza was perfect, when we both had this urge to have wine. So off we went to the nearest store and picked up a 3litre can of wine (yes absolute drunkards). Watched Vicky Christina Barcelona and i thought it was just watchable whereas Ro thought Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson made it worth (you seriously need to see the movie to know what he’s talking about..sigh!men..I say).

Saturday was good fun too. We headed out to Londons desi area called Eastham to have mallu food. There’s a restaurant called Thattukada and we hogged everything from soda lime to karimeen to full meals. We had friends who joined us there and so decided to catch a movie afterwards. Saw ‘Knowing’ which was an utter disappointment. Two and a half hours in the theatre without ‘Knowing’ what the hell was happening was torturous. We are on a membership card and so we pay a monthly amount and watch unlimited movies. Otherwise watching movies, that too in London, is super expensive. Anyways, we decided to head back to ours, drank up and called it a night at about 12. Sunday was laaaaaaaaaaaaaazyyy. Stretched outJ. Did absolutely nothing. Well, I did absolutely nothing. Ro went on a cooking, cleaning, tidying, ironing spree without complaining. Now that’s a good husbandJ



  1. Lucky bum! splurging on laziness and fun! am super jealous esp with everyone doing the shopping thingy... i've almost forgotten what its like :( and the wine of cos... siggghhhh!!! sho i miss those days! anyways u have fun babe! :)

  2. did u shop fr the lil one? what all did ya get?
    well..doing this is fun for a while but after that you seriously lose it

  3. Wow...I did mention you being in a bistro today in my post but never thought you would actually be in one :O) Looks like you had a blast! Vicky Christina Barcelona was the one Penelope won Best Actress for right? I loved her dress at the Oscars! Hats off to Roshan! Count your blessings to have a husband who spends his Sundays doing house work just so you can relax and gear up for another week of window shopping! You MUST have done something good in your past life Nishi!

  4. oh yeah i finally did! i bot some basics da... towels, nappies, cap, booty, dresses, mats and blah blah... got 4 more pairs of booties from my colleague here :) sho they are so cute di...
    so will u be coming down to chennai sometime around???

  5. @ sne...i would love to be back in chennai any day..but nope not anytime now esp since we were there last week. aww i know how pretty baby stuff can be. I walked into one thinking atleast thn il feel like having a baby..decided they were darn cute but thats it :)

  6. @ Jane..ya thats the one she won the award for. Well abt counting my blessings..roshan loves to do stuff like that trust me. He gets some kinda kick outta it. Denying him would be like punishing him u know..its def role reversal here. if i had a good job he would love 2 sit at home and look after kids or something:)