Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To watch or not to watch

Latest ones:
The Boat that Rocked: was simply awesome. I never knew 60's rock music was so good. Ro was brooding over how he completely missed being part of that era. I, on the other hand discovered 60's music and am in love with it. Blamed Ro for not introducing me to it earlier to which he replied id argue Robbie William sang a song and not Frank Sinatra. 

Older ones:
The Reader: No wonder Kate Winslet won the Oscar for this movie. She's brilliant. Its an emotionally inclined movie and quite thought provoking.
Australia: Super long movie, but i still liked it a lot
The Secret Life of Bees: Women dominate the film and some refer to it as a chick flick. I loved the melodrama and the emotions its provoked. A must see.
The Hunting Party: Richard Gere does a pretty good job in this movie (even if he doesn't, i can just gawk at him for hours). Its got humour, drama and adventure but no romance whatsoever (which Richie here is known for)

Monsters vs Aliens: Not really a 3D flick. Its just a waste of time
Fast and Furious: Looks like they made money on their first few parts and now don't know what to do with it. 
Paul Blart Mall Cop: I don't even know why we go for movies like this (actually i do..we have an unlimited movie card and don't need to pay!). Kevin James (King of Queens) should just stick to sit. com's.
Knowing: Nicolas Cage needs to seriously retire. I'm actually kinda sick of this alien shit.

Will keep updating the space.


  1. What a hilarious movie review!!!

    I just fell in love with "Australia" too!!! Or rather, Hugh Jackman :O)

  2. Lol! Jane, what is so hilarious?!?! I thot she did a smart job. Wait till u read the reviews I do, me gonna combine books n movies.

    Nishi, I dint like Reader much. Thot it was just okay.I cud watch only half of the movie.Mebbe cuz i tried watching it immediately after I watched Doubt. Will try watching it again. But I loved Doubt. And Meryl Streep is really good.

  3. di, and what exactly do u mean by 'emotionally inclined movie'??? I really don't know.. :(

  4. yeah i heard doubt is good..should watch it sometime.. well yeah reader is not the kind of movie anyone would like..but i enjoyed it a lot

  5. takes charge of ur emotional side is what i meant...