Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Me or the Rainbow?

The weather had been crappy the last couple of days and so the weekend was washed out. Ro tried his best to get me outta the house, but i was so lazy (so whats new?) and convinced him to chill out at home. Sneaked in a movie on Sat. at the theatre, but other than that all we did was eat, drink, sleep and watch the telly. Ro displayed his culinary skills on Sunday with a kappa and meen curry lunch and it was impressive. I of course was present for the moral support and then to eat:)
After a heavy lunch and then a movie i announced my departure for an hour long bath. It was raining and i was so in the mood for a tub bath. So filled in the tub and jumped in with an OK mag. (Ro thought i was getting way too spoilt). Wanted to light some candles too, but i remembered only after i jumped into the bath and Ro would definitely not have agreed to do so for me. I was just done with the bath and i hear a shout from the balcony
Ro: Nish come fast...
Me: What is it?
Ro: Two rainbows, come fast
Me: Pleeeeease wait (was i telling the rainbow???!!!)
Ro: Its getting cloudy, so come fast
(I ran out on to the balcony with a towel around me. But by the time i got there one was already fading away)
Me: Wow so pretty, take a pic, take a pic.
Ro: Wont get a clear one (but he still runs to get the cam)
Me: See everyone's out on their balconies looking at the pretty rainbow
Ro: They are all looking at you, you fool. Get inside!
Me: You think so? But I thi..... (Ro gives me the stare and i run inside)

Got a 'not so great pic' of the rainbow. But anyways take a look:
Notice the colour contrasts. The blue skies getting cloudy.


  1. Ooohhh...lovely rainbow...and hilarious post as usual...m glad you are engaging in social service (albeit unknowingly) and providing some old fashioned entertainment to your lovely neighbours ;O)

    I have disappeared to Blore di to complete this shitty dissertation - abandoned hubby, puppy and home to the heat of Hyd and enjoying the rain n lovely cool weather here. Paradise I tell you. And the water here is SO awesome - my hair has looked great all week and done wonders for my ego:D ...but I miss my babies too much to wanna stay back. Got enuf reason to keep me moving with my work.

  2. Ah..was wondering what ur status meant. You finally got down 2 doing ur project..good. You can finish it off fast and head home 2 hubby and hyde. Enjoy the weather while it lasts di..gud luck with the thesis.

  3. u got me rollin on the floor hehe good one nish! m sure if ur i can get a BETTER pic in ur neighbors' blogs :P

  4. Wow a rainbow......lucky U!!!!!!

    Seriously...just the other day I was trying to explain wht a rainbow was to the kids & thinking wistfully tht I havent seen one for the past 10 years;-(.

    p.s: for a change u were giving the neighbours something to look at;-D

  5. hehe thats was a funny post lol...and a beautiful rainbow..Like jane said good to know that u r providing some entertainment to ur neighbours :P

  6. and jane, good to hear that u have gone to bglore to finish the dissertaion...good good... hubby and puppy will survive lol.. u can finish it and then get bac

  7. @all..im glad all of you had a good laugh at my expense :)