Thursday, 7 May 2009

Market Hopping

I was sulking and brooding all of last week..about life in general. Fought with Ro, gave him the silent treatment and then on Friday when he asked me to go for a movie with him, i denied and he went on his own...well almost, cos by the time he got to the underground station i called him and he like a sweetheart returned...and then we fought again, that's another story:). I know i should be spanked. In my defence it was that time of the month. When will men ever understand what we go through??????? But anyways, now we are back in love. 
I had to do an article for a magazine on the weekend markets in London and i went market hopping last Saturday . I went all alone (rem the fight?) and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a marvellous day and i completely took in the sun that hadn't been out whole of last week. I am posting some pics here. Hope you guys enjoy it.

The Old Spitalfields Market

We grabbed lunch at Greenwich Market on Sunday. Also had the yummiest Cheesecake ever.

Remember the movie Notting Hill? Well this is Portobello Market. Most of that movie was shot in and around this area. The travel shop around the corner (from the movie) is still there. It was way too crowded and so i couldnt get a proper pic of that. Its an antique market and you get anything from Vintage clothing to leather to coins to it and you get it.

This is Borough Market next to London Bridge. Its a favourite hangout for Ro (his office is near the London Bridge) and he grabs lunch here on most Fridays. You get awesome desserts and yummy pies, tarts, thai food  etc. We picked up our Orange tree from here.


  1. Now I shall shut down and sit in a corner to cry my heart out (more like sob, don't wanna wake Hyde), reflect on my past sins and wonder what God has planned for me in this horrible Hyderabad!

    Lucky you...thank God at least work is getting you out n about to these lovely places!

  2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You are just over reacting. We all pass through these phases and need to find some ways to make use of our time in whichever place we are in..this is what YOU told me. Now you wanna go cry? I am past all my crying stage (still do it once in a while). Realised that i don really have a choice but to adapt and change accordingly...

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Thing are not in just ANY place...and it's not even about Hyderabad.
    I see a million pics on Facebook of friends in various parts of the world every day - but it's only the UK pics that move me... :O)

  4. What the hell is it abt UK that is so damn exciting, i dont know. Jane trust me, after the initial sightseeing and going around, its just like any other place. Otherwise you should be earning so much money that you can go see all the musicals and theatre shows and the like. They are all really expensive and you cannot do it on a daily basis or even monthly basis. This place is unbelievably expensive and you take shit from people. Why do you wanna be a second hand citizen in a diff country? There are so many places in and around Hyd. Go on a weekend break. Seriously start doing stuff...

  5. Edi...angane nokiaal every place in the world becomes boring once the initial tourist attractions are done with. I have seen all the main attractions in Hyd during my college trip in 2003 and I have only a fleeting interest in Moghul history. It's also supposed to be a major party scene but we have phased out of clubbing - again, such places are for the upper class and you need to be loaded with cash.

    Unfortunately, I have a manic interest in British history and culture. It was drummed into our heads in school. Obviously the UK doesn't hold the same interest for you that it does for many others - not every one is the same. When I whine about you being so lucky, it's not so that you feel more irritated cos you don't feel those same things. It's just appreciation of what you are experiencing :O) Maybe it's coming out wrong - I am definitely not praying night and day to be reborn as Nisha in my next life :P

    As for being a second class citizen - if you don't feel like you belong in a place, that is exactly how you will feel. I don't feel second class in South Africa and I wasn't born there. In fact, I bet every foreign female tourist feels second class when she comes to India - cos men here behave indecently with them in ways they wouldn't with their own women. Double standards exist in various forms where ever you go.

  6. I am not a tourist here remember...i live here now. Its a lot different. So its not like i need to deal with the ppl here only once or twice. I have to..every single day...U feel at home in SA cos u were there for a greater part of ur life. Its home to you. The UK interests me in a lot of ways and London is good fun. But In Nottingham, there is absolutely nothing to do...absolutely nothing. What do u do if u are in a place like that? U are not on holiday to be travelling arnd and seeing places every weekend. Its just the same as you sitting in HYd, exp that I am in a foreign country. The only thing u cud do was go window shopping and to the library which u can do in hyd or whrever u are. London is a diff story because there is more to see and do i agree. But it wears off once i experience/see/be a part of it. All i am saying is, its not home to me..I have decided to learn to live with it and make the best use of where ever I am. Similarly i wud crib abt being in Hyd and how i hate it etc etc forever, but is that going to change? You jus learn to live with it. Edi have u visited the Salar Jung museum in sure its changed a lot since 2003...

  7. Yup, we did everything all over again from 2003, and Salar Jung for the third time after my brother visited. It's one guy's personal collection of stuff and he died some time back so there's nothing new to it. But it's still awesome.

    Do you not have old school/college pals who are now settled in the UK? Do you want some of mine?

  8. Yeah have a whole lot of my school mates here who i found through orkut/facebook...none that i am so friendly with di u tried 2 get me in touch with the twins and i havent made an effort after that..thanks di..

  9. nish... am so bledy jealous of you di! ill sit down with jane in the corner and weep my heart out, esp now cos i cant even move out of my building!!! you have a ball girl, u better!!! meanwhile, jane lets just consider our land a bliss and make hay while the sun is really shining!!!!!!

  10. are u both fiting in here? :) Nish great pics! and i totally share ur feelings of 'feeling restless weird and start fites for no reason jus cos i ve nothin to do in here.... here is everywhere he goes and i follow where iv e nothin to do except bug him!

    looks like m not alone!

  11. better enjoy this alone time u have sne..u know ur not gonna have that fr a long time now:)
    @ Sansmerci..nah we are not fighting:) and no u are def not alone on the arguements and bugging and fighting bit. where did u disappear to? back in chennai?

  12. @ Blindwreck
    Make hay? No thanks... :P

  13. Nisha the pictures have come out so well….what camera do you use?

    wasn’t too sure if I should comment on the comments here, felt like I’m trespassing on a conversation btwn close frnds….but as an ex- bored, ‘I wish I was at that place’ person….i thought I’ll type in a few lines… I’ll just agree with Nisha….it really doesn’t matter where exactly you are….we are surrounded with new experiences that we can add on….its just that we find some major comfort in saying its not in our hands….i lived in Bangalore for 7yrs n’ the amount of life n’ new experience I packed into my last 3months i was there are the most gratifying.

    my best friend (chaddy buddy) was unmarried n’ working, I was married n’ working ….She used to enjoy life to the fullest. I mean she used to go to a park n’ sit under a big sprawling tree n’ meditate early morning, used to go to Cabbon Park for jogging on weekends (ok all these things didn’t make me feel like I was missing much) then she joined for horse riding, swimming n’ went trekking n’ went n’ watched stage shows and the like.. gosh….i can’t explain to you what/how I felt….but actually there was nothing really stopping me from doing any of it or something else that I fancied…but I still didn’t….i mean it wasn’t that I was married…I was married only for one n' a half yrs at that point…..i was a bystander before n’ i continued to play the role….

    then my husband left for Bahrain n’ I had decided to serve my full notice period (3 months) before coming here……n’ moved to a paying guest place in the heart of Bangalore n’ tried everything I have ever wanted……I took up belly dancing, jazz & swimming classes, took up reading again, pleasure of walking to places n’ so much more….i basically just tried really hard not to give in to that “NO” that comes into our mind the first time anyone gives us an opportunity for a new experience…worked for me….now in Bahrain I haven’t enrolled for any new classes but I try really hard to make the best out of where I am…

  14. @ did live it up in Blr i must say..I have always wanted 2 learn Salsa and was waiting all this while so Ro would get convinced abt it. Doesnt look like its ever gonna convince him, so i might as well just do it on my own. You are the inspiration:)
    Yes, even i have learned to make the best out of whr i am..and im succeeding in it.
    The camera i use is a Canon Power Shot S3 IS digi cam..yeah its some high funda camera Ro bought after quite a bit of research and now its outdated. Other versions are out. I dont use most of the features, but he experiments with it.

  15. :) Hope ur fight was resolved...

    Lovely pics.. esp the one of flowers, knick knacs, what looked like sign boards, food... yummmy is how i would describe all of them!!

  16. Thanks aarti...yeah resolved the fight:)

  17. edi i should also kill u... atleast chumma go and enjoy the places, chumma go visit every dman nook and corner, then take up reading, danching a definite yes, and go start doing all ur own things... GO GO GO moveeee....