Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I'm still mourning...

...the death of Michael Jackson. I still remember how Ro woke me up one morning and said Micheal Jackson had died and i just couldn't believe it. I spent the next couple of days researching him online, catching up on interviews done by BBC journalist Martin Bashir and the Fox Network documentary contradicting Bashir's accusations. Also saw Oprah's interview and the weird one by Larry King at the Neverland Ranch where they supposedly saw MJ's ghost in the corridor and the video shows this faint figure vanish. I get unbelievably spooked by such weird things and i swear i couldn't sleep one night because, thanks to my husband, he made matters worse by reminding me of the scariest of things. I almost convinced him to work from home the next day! Yes, I'm a total chicken when it comes to silly things like this.
And after seeing these videos i have these relentless discussions with Ro (more like with the wall, because Ro thinks I'm easy to fool and all his interviews are PR gimmicks) who hardly gives ear to it. From his interviews what i perceived was his childhood was taken away from him and he with his fame and money was able to relive those childhood days in a whole lot of ways. A friend visited us last weekend and he and Ro ganged up against me on the whole MJ scenario. I got all worked up..and they thoroughly enjoyed seeing me let off my cool.

Anyways, yesterday was supposed to be the first of his 50 shows here at the O2 and a huge crowd had gathered outside the arena to commemorate his life. There was a huge screen displaying his last public appearance at the O2 and also his music videos and other footage. The crowd laid flowers, cards, stuffed toys and photographs and signed the huge Memorial wall, including yours truly:)
Our apartment complex overlooks the O2 Arena and these huge laser billboards can been seen from really far away and whatever show is on, we come to know in an instant. But yesterday, i was roaming around in Canary Wharf and on my way back, there were huge crowds getting out of the tube station and my inquisitive mind followed the crowd to the Arena and this was the scene there. So today me and Ro took an evening stroll down to the O2 and I paid my tribute to MJ by signing the wall.
I know i will never hear the end of it from Ro who has been irritating me with the sick MJ jokes but i guess i needed that..it was like getting closure and i got to bid the final goodbye.


  1. I know what it feels like. I was a huge fan myself. I used to practice the moonwalk when nobody was around. And I have seen Thriller so many times. Lucky you, u got to participate in saying good bye the way u did. If I knew u were going, I would have asked you to write on my behalf too.

  2. It's nice that you got to do that di...

  3. Butterfly...the wall will still be around for the next 50 days..the number of days his show was booked in O2. Next time i go il sign ur name:)
    jane..yeah was really cool that i got to do so.

  4. I liked MJ a lot and I admired him for the way he manged to reach out to every nook and corner of the world, to people of of all ages. I was no fan, but I feel really sorry for the circumstances in which he passed away, somehow everything things seems incomplete...so, don't worry, you are not the only one still pondering over MJ. As for the ghost, well, as you are a fan, it won't harm you, so relax:)

  5. haha..Ida, harming me is not what im worried abt..jus the fact tht im seeing a ghost will give me a heart attack:)