Wednesday, 22 July 2009

To Watch or not to watch

An update on the movie scene:

Latest ones:
The Hangover- Hilarious movie. Loved every bit of it from beginning to end. Its after a long time that i have seen a movie that kept me amused all the way through to the end. Every scene was funny and yes Vegas is as wild as the movie portrays it ;)

Bruno- I think Sacha Baron Cohen looked gorgeous in the movie. I honestly enjoyed it better than Borat and it was less gross. I still keep recalling scenes from the movie and crack up. I also recently saw Ali G Indahouse, his first movie and it was such a drag.

Drag me to Hell- I am a total sucker for horror movies, but my other half is not. I would watch the scariest of movies and then not sleep for a week because the scenes haunt me, invariably waking up Ro in the middle of the night and declaring i cant sleep because of bad dreams. He banned horror movies. But i still somehow convince him to catch them once in a while and 'Drag me to Hell' happened during one of those times. Its got its 'boo' moments and sometimes 'too gross to handle' moments, but its not scary scary and i can assure you wont have bad dreams. The climax was awesome and unexpected and i loved how the movie ended.

My Sisters keeper- I bawled my eyes out during this movie and now thinking about it, it was not even that sad a movie. Its the usual with the family battling the case of a daughter with cancer and the whole drama attached to it..oh and ya there is a slight twist which is not that important after a point of time. I saw this movie on my own and there were loads of women in the theatre who were in the same boat. I could hear sniffs and sighs and when the movie was over all of us ran to the ladies' with red eyes and acknowledged each other with a smile that said it all. I realized i love watching chick flicks on my own and not with Ro.

Public Enemies- Usually id sit through any movie starring Johnny Depp without uttering a word, but this one, i felt, dragged on quite a bit and in spite of the story-line being good and all, it still seemed like a dull one at the end. Like right now when I'm trying to remember what it is about the movie that was so striking, i cant seem to remember anything great. So i guess, to sum it was just another drama/action flick.

Sunshine Cleaning- If you have seen Little Miss Sunshine and you liked it, there is a slight chance you might not like this. Because Sunshine Cleaning (by the same producers) is nothing like LMS. The whole feel of the movie is similar, but after a while, you just want the movie to somehow end and when it does end, you wonder why you sat through the whole thing, all the while knowing what exactly was going to happen in the end. I know, it sucks! But chicks would dig it and i didn't mind either. Mindless, but still not bad enough to make me quit the movie half way through.

Year One- A no-brainer. What do you expect when Jack Black stars in a movie anyway? I wouldn't say it was 90 minutes of torture, but its not one id want to spend money and go see. If you can borrow a DVD or something, you can watch it while cooking or something. It can just play in the background and you wouldn't really care if you missed scenes.

Ice Age 3. Dawn of the Dinosaurs (3D)- Ice Age 1 was nice, Ice age 2 was really nice and Ice Age 3 was just about ok. Children would prefer the third part to the first two. So you can imagine how lame the plot was. Ro was thoroughly bored and hated it when people laughed for all the ridiculous scenes. He was more pissed because he had to pay an extra 2 quid for the 3D glasses which, by the way, wasn't that great either. There were no scenes in the movie which were worth capturing the 3D effect.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen- This was torture for me. They diluted the movie with insignificant emotional traumas and shit like that and the movie went on and on and on.

Terminator salvation- I didnt sleep through this, but it didnt keep fully involved either. The special effects were pretty neat.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- I haven't seen this one and don't intend to. But i just wanted to share my thoughts because its been publicised like crazy here, for all the wrong reasons i suppose. The only thing people are talking about is the snogging. Seriously, whats happened to the fantasy world of magic and wizardry? Interviews after interviews on how it was kissing Daniel Radcliffe, how Rupert Grintt spends the first half of the movie kissing, not to mention how awesome a kisser he is. And Emma Watson....its all about her wardrobe malfunction at the red carpet ceremony. Ro comes to the defensive when i make snide remarks about HP and says its a coming of age movie. yeah, so its no different from the other movies then!

Older ones:
Religulous- Its more like a documentary and not a movie. But stand up comedian Bill Maher has done a good job with his take on religion and faith. It might be offensive to some, but if you take it in the right sense, its hilarious and entertaining.


  1. i love this blog....havn't watched most of movies you have mentioned here...i cudn't help but laugh about the 3D glasses. Everyone in my office n' Robin loved the movie, i honestly can't comment coz i slept off in btwn for some 20 mins...terminator salvation was sheer torture for me too....n' Harry Potter i didn't think it was as dark as everyone said it HP without an appearance from Voldermort just ain't right! All the other HP’s had something happening every minute but this one seems like some helpless editing done all over to restrict the length!

  2. know what...i meant Transformers and not terminator:)shall change that.
    yeah but terminator was torture for me too...
    and thank you sooooooooooooo much for the compliment.

  3. I have to disagree with ICE AGE 3 and Bruno! But guess thats caused I cannot stand mindless comedy and Bruno for me falls in that category. but the rest i AGREE heartily! Infact check my post for whats missing in the Potter movie!
    Also,they screwed transformer 2 with the emotional BS!

    Looks like u too like me LOVE watching movies... I guess I have seen most of the ones listed above! :)

  4. I wanna watch a movie on my own. Never done that. I wonder if I can now.
    No wonder Ro does not like horror movies. You give him sleepless night after that. :D
    I will keep your review in mind.

  5. P..isnt Ice Age 3 mindless as well. There is actually nothing worth laughing about in that movie. Its plain boring. They kinda tired out the characters in the 2nd part and now stretching it too much with the third. As for jus cannot expect anything better from the guy who acted in Borat. So considering its in the mindless category already, i thought they did a pretty decent job.
    Butterfly- haha yeah what are husbands for anywyas. They need to be jostled once in a while

  6. aah! did he see the latest one? did he like it? u shd ask him to read that one! im sure he will have some more points to add to it!