Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Pride London Parade

The recent victory for Gay rights in India got me thinking. I wondered if i was comfortable with the whole idea. I cringe when i see two women kissing in public or men holding hands and caressing each other (which is a very common sight here). I'm not against it all, its just that i need a little getting used to i guess. Good for them is all i can say, although i couldn't help but think how id react if i see the same thing happen back home.
Coming back to London, the Pride London Parade was in full swing on Saturday. I insisted i wanted to go see what it was all about. Ro as usual thought it was gross (except if there were hot women who were kissing each other...yeah pardon my husband who thinks that's every mans dream come true). I promised there would be hot women (ya i play along) and we watched the entire parade on Oxford street. tactfully i took him to Oxford Street because i wanted to do some shopping too.. It was a good idea because the Parade started from there and proceeded onto Piccadilly Circus, finally ending at Trafalgar sq. We got a pretty decent view of the parade and it was good fun with great music and loads of eye candy. I'm posting some pics. I guess they would speak better than my words. Enjoy!

The Parade starts off with the Chairman of the LGBT

The musicians

The colourful rainbow flag which is their trademark

The Royal Navy

Wedded Bliss

This float had the 'Hare Rama, Hare Krishna' chant in full swing

The London Swim Club

The British Airways Crew

The Food Industry

The National Health Service

The best part of the show were these CK models who just looked so so so so sexy with the perfect tanned bod and awesome looks. I secretly hoped they weren't gay. But who are we kidding, who else can carry off those teeny weeny undies and flip flops so damn well.

I'm still having dreams about them :)

The Older LBT Community

The Royal Army


  1. Wow! That was some parade!!! Like you, I too am totally for gay rights but am not very comfortable seeing them kissing, but that's me, I am not comfortable seeing ANY public display of affection, unless it is between parents and children...I love the pic with "Some people are gay, get over it" caption! That says it all!

  2. Yeah...i understand ..but bein in a place like london doesnt give u must choice...u just cannot avoid PDA...no one cares and no one looks so u just have 2 live with it:)

  3. Nice pics. And yes, they were louder than words. I liked the slogan: "Some people are gay. Get over it."
    We are all trying to warm up to the idea here. What with gay rights and laws for live-ins. We are moving on. It is a lot to deal with. Especially when you might have to explain it to the younger kids, if they witness stuff like that. Like a friend whose kid will be a teenager soon said: "Now we have to explain this too?? Oh God!"

  4. Gosh I really dunno if I should say anything about Gay Rights at all...but m tempted to preach so here goes.

    As a Christian, and according to my upbringing, it is something totally unacceptable. This doesn't mean I'll turn away from a friend who is Gay - and I do know a few. I am not keen on PDA either - and if I lived in a Gay world, I'd have to wonder how I'd feel if when introduced to a Gay person, instead of asking me my name they asked what sexual position I liked best. Sounds dumb right? But that's exactly what it is. They don't have "Gay" tattooed on their forehead - so why judge them by who they sleep with? Beliefs are personal. Did you watch "Milk" by the way?

  5. No i havent watched that as yet...want to though!
    But why is it unacceptable jane?

  6. It's a sad movie di - Sean Penn has done so brilliantly...you will feel REALLY angry for him and his community.

    Why is it unacceptable? It's simply not what I am used to. That's all. And these are not feelings that will wash away over night. But then again this is like going to China and crying about Chinese people eating dogs or going to Saudi Arabia and refusing to cover your hair. That's why I said beliefs are personal. According to my Church - sex is merely for procreating and not for pleasure - but I do not follow that rule myself and I don't think the Bible says that either. But the Church HAS to take that stand so that they do not encourage promiscuity. If the Church says it's okay to have sex for pleasure - then the next question the people will ask is "Pleasure for me is to do it with multiple people, children, animals - Can I?" Where do you draw the line? This topic raises many questions that will never be answered to the satisfaction of every one. Sexual preference is not a crime but only if it is CONSENSUAL.

  7. We did start watching but it was kinda dragging and so stopped half way...im def gonna give it a 2nd chance:)
    So in time u can get used to it? and thn it would be alright? or will u never open up to the whole idea?

  8. There is nothing for me to be open to...I am not Gay nor am I keen to experiment. This decision doesn't affect me or my life. There are countless laws that many will agree and disagree with - this is just one of those many. Like the poster says - "deal with it". There are millions of struggles out there - literacy, infanticide, malnutrition, etc. and this is just one of them.

    Suddenly m reminded of that Adam Sandler movie "Chuck n Larry" - the newspaper title that says "Gay Basher gets bashed in Gay Bash" LOL

  9. I guess what I am trying to say is as an individual - I don't see any thing wrong with two men or two women doing what they do as long as it is not invading my personal space. How ever, you cannot appease the religious leaders. With this legalization, many are going to have to choose between their loved ones and their community. You just cannot ignore the large numbers out there. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning - it's a cycle that'll go through acceptance and rejection countless times. Moral degeneration will make its path to destruction and a new cycle will begin all over again.

  10. But seriously i think pleasing the community is not that great a deal any more. They will point fingers at u if u do something good or bad..so i guess its best to ignore them. It may do good or bad, but doing what u believe in without caring much about what the 'community' will say makes a whole lotta difference. I know its easy to preach, but the community will lash out for a while and then something new comes along and they will side track..
    i don know if its causing a big hype out there in India..are people protesting against it and all?

  11. hey nish to answer ur last query...there was this talk show on NDTV on the petition against the new rule. Some Pundit who is against Rule No.337 ( that’s what they called it i think). There was a Muslim religious leader, a priest, a Pundit, a gay activist, a doctor and a lawyer. Was an interesting program, like the host of the show said..... it's one of the only talk show they could find all religious leaders coming together and supporting each other's views (caste, creed n' religion no bar)!. I personally love gays...i haven't come across any lesbians yet (i think)...but i just love gays. I always think the best friend i will ever have will be a gay. What’s more... this imaginary best friend of mine understands me more than any girl or guy. ;) Personally I can easily settle for one of the CK models you have here...As for PDA...it's my dream to go to Paris n' kiss with the Eiffel Tower as a back drop....if I ever get there…I’m so gonna do this!

  12. hahah...tht was a funny post:)
    I dont have anything against gays or lesbians..and now being here...i am used 2 seeing all sorts of PDA and i am now ok with it and infact you also dont seem to be bothered after a point of time and end up kissing and hugging in public...The gap pride kinda made me get used 2 the PDA between the LGBT community as well..i was jus wondering how it would be if it were in India though!
    And kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower is sure awesome and Paris is def a romantic city, so i guess everyone wants to do that:)
    I would too....and hope you do get to do that sometime...

  13. i am all in for gay rites! esp for woman :) i don think there is anything gross bout it .. its as sweet as watchin any two people in love kiss... except i have to agree with Ro that it is every mans dream come true.. and only for that reason i mite hate it! i hate guys wen they say they love to watch lesbos.. well i kno woman who turned gay after havin enuff with the guys attitudes and they still don grow up :)

  14. Swar..im also totally for gay right..i don have a prob at al..in fact im surprised it took this long.
    I'm not sure i can actually watch 2 ppl in love kiss without bein a bit embarassed...in India that is (i know thats not fair)..cos its not a common things and jus need some 'getting used to' time. Im ok with it otherwise.