Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Just a quick note to say im heading to India tomorrow and will be back by December end..well just before Christmas to be honest (Now who wants to miss the Boxing Day Sale right). After a wee bit of travelling till end of this month, il be more or less jobless after Dec first week. Hope to catch up with all of you and blog a bit then.
Till then its bubbye from me and hope you all have a great winter :)

PS: Thanks a lot reflections for writing in to see if i was busy. Now you know why i absconded:)


  1. Aha so thts why:-))!!!

    Take care and have a good trip!!!!

  2. hey nish,

    Have a gr8 time :) ..if at all i come to tvm b4 xmas, wud try to catch up!!


  3. Swar..not decided as yet on the chennai trip..but will update
    Butterfly and reflections...thanks ..am already havin fun!!!
    Ambily...yaaaa that wud be great..do try and come

  4. di di... English wind adichaal mathre ninakku writing varullooo? :P.. do write smthg di.. write about ur mumbai trip or chennai visit? Or how extremely difficult is for English babes to cope with Indian conditions :P.. just kidding ketto di.. mwaah! write smthg... it will be fun, m sure :)

  5. edi..i have a whole lotta complaints abt being here..shall do that when i get back..internet conn too slow for my liking :)