Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bird is the word

I'm not sure i have mentioned this before, but Peter Griffin and his family (Family Guy series) have suddenly become an important part of our lives.

Watch this much more dumber can it be? This entire episode was about how Peter discovers this song at a diner and doesn't stop singing. Its appeared in a lot of our conversations and yesterday morning Ro woke me up singing that and he got it exactly right. We laughed so hard and it cracked me up each time i thought about it, which was all day! I'm usually grumpy in the mornings and Ro has found the perfect song to make me laugh even in the grumpiest of times.
When i was first introduced to Family Guy i thought it was one of those boring adulterated series with senseless humour. And then i started enjoying it so much..we now religiously watch it together (airs at 11.30 at night cos its not one of those 'lets watch it together' family shows). Its still got senseless humour and is absolutely brainless, but i so so enjoy it and if you get a chance do catch it.

PS: Day three at the Gym and my whole body aches. I'm lethargic and tired and cant get myself to do anything around the house. I wonder if i can go on the 10mile walk tomorrow. Ro said absolutely NO to a piggy back ride half way through the I'll have to think of something else when i get tired.


  1. hehe piggy bac ride huh wen u get tired...poor Ro... he will hav to get u home somehow in the end na??

  2. We didnt go:)
    was raining and cold...would have had it tough if we went...