Tuesday, 23 June 2009

West End Live

The husband is away on work for 2 days and its been kinda nice not having to do anything (not that i was slogging it out otherwise..but still). I was ordering take aways, watched quite a few silly chick flicks and then went and cut my hair at a salon run by Chinks who are supposed to be really good with their hair cutting techniques, but this was one where no one understood or spoke English. I only realized it once i had my hair washed and had settled down to get it cut. She didn't understand what i wanted and i didn't understand what she was trying to tell me (except that Indian women are pretty). Result of which was a really short hair cut and i look like a retard. Usually it looks nice after they blow dry it and set it and I flaunt it around for at least 2 days, but this was not even good even after all the styling and gels. I rushed back home and had a head bath. Ro is sooo gonna make fun of me when he gets back today.
Otherwise, things are pretty good. My gym expedition is still in full swing and since i combine it with badminton, its 4 days of gym and 2 days of badminton. I come back home and eat like a pig which is why i haven't noticed any change in my weight, but I think my body looks a bit toned...at least id like to think so.

Last weekend we went to see this programme in Leicester Square called West End Live. West End is an area in Central London where the entire theatre scene is. I have been wanting to watch The Lion King, Mamma Mia and Sister Act for a while now, but tickets are so damn expensive. That's when i saw on Time Out, London that the worlds largest free theatre festival was on and we decided to go. When we got there, the crowds were massive with a huge queue to get into the compound. Luckily there were screens outside telecasting it and so we got comfy in a corner and watched quite a few of the musicals. They were amazing- one, to see it free was a plus point and two, the actors who do the real shows were acting out their parts here as well. Though the props and colourful costumes were missing (which I'm sure would have definitely added to the glamour of the whole thing), this sure was a good way to decide which musical was worth watching. I personally loved Dirty Dancing, Jersey Boys, We Will Rock You (Queen) and just out of curiosity would like to watch Thriller Live (yeah, the Michael Jackson one). Sister Act was not as great as i thought it would be, though the singing was spectacular and Jerry Springer (the American TV Show host) singing in 'Chicago' was interesting because i was generally excited to see him in person.
After catching lunch at a Chinese take away, we managed to get inside the compound. It sure made a world of a difference to see the actors live on stage. The afternoon session was mainly for amateur theatre shows- a chance for them to display their skills. Avenue Q, a musical by puppets but managed by actors on stage, were remarkably good. The characters are inspired by the Sesame Street ones and it was hilarious. Another interesting performance was by theLondon Gay Men's Chorus. They were absolutely adorable with their action songs and of course the melodious music.
They didn't perform anything from The Lion King because its been running for a few years now and its time had passed. I hear its amazing with the costume and props. So that's still first on my 'to see' list. All in all it was a nice warm day with good music and singing out load some of the songs gave me a sore throat, but one i didn't complain about :)
Posting some pics:

Gothic puppets

Avenue Q at its best

Inside Leicester Square

They were distributing goodies. That's me with a 'Jersey Boys' fan and 'The Lion King' flag(before the hair cut)

Yabba Dabba Doo (guess which movie this is from!)

These guys were doing the 'hare Rama hare Krishna' dance outside and had a large crowd watching. I'm not sure whether they were serious followers or whether the song was just fun to sing and dance. There were a bunch of teenagers who thought it was cool to dance along!


  1. heheh, ok u got it cut shorter than the seen in the pic alle...humm no comments unless u send a pic :P
    hehe so u had a good time and was lazing around without roo alle, thats good and good to know u got to watch all those theatre stuff

  2. Ya shorter than that....I look like a boy waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    no pics till it grows to a presentable length

  3. come on, short haircuts can be wow! why don't u just go back there and ask them to make u look like presentable! When you knew she could not follow u, U shud have atleast looked thru the style magazine and pointed out exactly what you wanted. Poor u!!

  4. When both of us couldnt understand, she brought a book with diff styles and i did select one. She then told me something about that style and i shook my head (completely panic stricken) and the end result...wht i am going through now. Ro completely agreed that it looks horrible. I have a party to attend this sat and i have no clue what to do. None of my clothes seem to suit the style.
    well...does that mean i have 2 go shopping??? :)

  5. heheh... well i guess since i hav seen u with different lengths of hair, u would look good if its atleast long as in the pic :)
    heheh nishi, y dint ya just foget abt new style and try somethin safe...heheh anyway, its good to hav a new look for a change and now u can get somethin to wear that will suit ur new hairstyle...

  6. I get bored with old styles very fast and i need to try out new things to keep me going...but this was super flop. i cant tie it cos its too short and if let just like that it looks so so horrible

  7. Awesome pictures from the West End Live festival! I was there too, catching some free theatre. I hate how theatre shows now cost an arm and a leg. I recently came across this top 10 guide to saving on theatre tickets... have bookmarked it and now refer to it everytime I need to buy tickets!


  8. Boon..thanks for stopping by. yes you are right about them costing an arma nd a leg and thats why we decided to go catch the free west end live shows instead. I still would love to go see a proper musical someday when i can afford it.
    Thanks for the website ..will check it out