Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Weekend Fun

The weekend was very interesting with a few activities happening around London. I had mentioned about the 10mile walk we were supposed to do two weeks back...well we didnt go because the rains completely spoilt it and so we decided we'd go the next week which was the previous Sat. Apparently, the World Naked Bike Ride,London was on that weekend and guess who was all excited about it...us. So Saturday was spent at Hyde Park watching the nangu bike riders protesting against oil dependency. I was initially a bit embarrassed, mainly because we were there with this other couple- who didn't seem one bit interested- and they were quite uncomfortable. Ro on the other hand wandered off to take pics and i had to make lame conversation with them about what...naked men and women..well sort of! I think it takes immense courage to appear nude in public. I mean, to be able to be absolutely fine with your body and to appear in public like that would be a massive boost to your self-confidence right? I'd like to think of it that way.

Rest of the day was spent at the Camden market with food and drinks and then at Edgeware road for dinner- thorough Mediterranean fare. I keep thinking i should try the hookah and the sulaimani tea there, but I'm jinxed. Something or the other always comes up. This time it rained and hookah's are allowed only outside.

This was a one man show..was brilliant

Ro's arty farty pic. It was a clear day and the sky was gorgeous

A kite made with recycled plastic bottles and paper

Synchronized kite flying to music. It was so beautiful and the co-ordination was just superb

The Dragon Kite

Thats me in front of all the kites

Mountain bikers doing their stunts

Sunday was good fun at the Blackheath Bike and Kite Fest organized by the Lewisham Council. I guess the pics will explain the rest.


  1. I agree - getting naked in public takes a lot of courage. Some would say it's just a lack of shame but it's not the same thing. These guys believe in a cause and know this will draw attention to it. Reminded me of the protest by Manipuri women: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/neutral/naked-protest-846

    or the one by the young girl who was protesting against her in-laws about dowry:

    I think if it's a noble cause, and if you are not gonna do your part, or even support a "naked" protest - the least you could do is not bad mouth it to the rest of the world. We don't take action and we don't approve of others doing so: this is just gonna bite us in the ass some day. Our grand kids WILL ask, with loaded sarcasm, "What, you couldn't 'flash some ass' so I can have a greener future?" :O)

  2. While reading the post, the one thought that bothered me was : Ouch, it must hurt to ride a cycle naked!! Ouch! Or do they have special cycle seats for this purpose! :D

  3. butterfly....No special seats and yes you are right it might have really hurt to ride the cycle all through London :)