Friday, 19 June 2009

My daddy's proud of me

Since i have nothing much to crib about, I thought I’ll brag about some of my recent achievements. I sent this to my dad the other day and he was so proud, he sent it to the whole worldJ So here i am, doing my bit to show off.

This is an article i submitted on the weekend markets in London (remember i had posted pics in a previous post) and the article appeared in a magazine called INBOX 1305- a Chennai based lifestyle mag. It came in the June issue of the mag.

This article is quite old, but I’m really really really proud of this one. It came in the Travel Plus Magazine and i also got my profile on it.

It really sucks to look at my article in a pdf or jpeg formatLI am yet to see the hard copy.

This one was actually by fluke. But isn’t it trippy? Thats Ro at the Bike and Kite festival in Blackheath. When i was taking the pic, i actually told him, ‘ I cant see anything Rosh’ and so he’s named the pic..cant see anything Rosh.

I was a very bad photography student during my Mass Comm days. When everyone was running around getting their project together I used be the one who used to pose for the pics and not bother to take any. As usual, last minute panic hit and then i had to beg for pics from everyone (also i fell sick and had to return home). We had certain subjects to be photographed and i remember texting all my classmates, ‘does anyone have an extra child to give me?’ I did manage some pics and guess what....I was the first one to submit the projectJ

Some nerve huh...borrowing from everyone and 1st one to submit, on time that too. I didn’t get high marks or anything, but not a bad one either.

I boast about my photography skills to Ro and he brings up this story every time


  1. Lol! Dads I say! My Dad did the same thing when when I was interning with Indian Express. Oh yeah, the photography project. I still remember Sharling borrowed some pix from Penpa for the subject 'fashion'. And only when she was about to compile it she found out tat she was in too.. LOL!

    Anyways, great going nishiiiiii... Its amazing to get a byline, aint it??

  2. Ha ha yea Pempa was there in my 'fashion' subject as

    yea great to have a byline:)

  3. Hey wow! Congrats!!!
    Well, don't worry,we've all done our bit of borrowing projects. Back in school it was herbarium, in college it was dissertations and now it is Monday morning reports of work accomplished last week...oops I really didn't just tell you that, did I?:)

  4. I am so proud of you too. Sent your stuff to my mum as well :O)

    As for was his suggestion that I join the NCC in college - we HAD to join SOMETHING for credits. And so when I sent him pics of me in uniform, doing adventure activities, handling guns or flying a glider plane - he proudly told the whole world and showed em the pics too! Then when I went to SA and met some of his colleagues, one of them said to me with a very solemn face, "You were very brave to fight in the war." What war??? Never laughed so much in my life. Great story to tell my kids :D

  5. ahh the photography days..humm can forget the amount of hard work put in, the sleepless weeks trying to prepare the albums and finally wen the external examinar came, jude went in b4 me, fought with the examiner, pissed her off royally (i mean really royally) and i went in next and she chewed me out and wouldnt let me answer even a single question and just gave the stupidest of marks... hummm how can i forget...hehe havent got a byline in the paer yet as i refuse to write and do all the diting and the pages...ya but its great to get it in the magazine from office...

  6. Ida- i know what u mean..ur secret's safe with me:)
    Jane- lol lol lol that was so so so funny..your kids wud so take ur ass fr that
    Enigma..molee it was for you..the sleepless nights an all.. rem me..i didnt even take my own pics so it was no big deal for me. i knew id get shitty marks and was expecting it, but i did make it trough with a decent one and thanked my stars for it:)
    your project was fancy..if i can remember..

  7. Janeeeeee... LOL! LOL! LOL! u ALWAYS meet the funniest of people and have the funniest of stories to tell.. how do u do it jane??? Wish my life was soo funny..