Monday, 1 June 2009

The Weekend that was.... so with mundane activities. Played a game of badminton at the Leisure Centre and also signed up for the premium membership which entitles me free participation in aerobics, swimming, gym, kick boxing, Pilate's, ballroom dancing, r n b dancing, dance aerobics, bums tums and thighs, group exercises, water aerobics and a lot of other activities. Every Borough in England has a leisure centre and a library. The library can be used free of charge and they have quite a good collection. Some of the activities at the leisure centre are free, others are at a very low charge. Just before you say exclaim how cool it is, lemme say that we pay quite a bit as council tax every month and so its all taken care of.
We used to regularly play badminton in Nottingham and had a good team join us every week. Now its just Ro and me and its quite tiring to play singles. Ro makes me run all over the place and i lose at every game. But its still nice that we have started playing although we are both now suffering from the aches and pains. I had my induction at the gym today and it went quite well. My trainer asked what my goal was and i blurted out a long story and he then charted down a schedule which i need to follow henceforth. My developments will be recorded and in 4 to 6 weeks time, there will be a re-check on all aspects. I am hoping to be a regular and also make use of some of the other programmes at the centre. This along with my Kellogg's diet (which i am not following to the dot but since i have taken a liking towards some of the varieties, I plan to stick to it) should make a difference. Lets see how that goes.
Ro has been trying to pep me up saying, 'aw my baby's gonna look so fit and toned like Paris Hilton (first of all Paris Hilton..seriously??????????) and have the hour glass figure again and a whole lotta other flattery. I got so irritated after a while and i retorted saying, 'id like a husband who looks like Brad Pitt...i don't have i freaking complain???!!! To which he said something...but i cant tell you what:)
We also made a visit to the Royal Observatory..remember Greenwich Mean Time? This is where the imaginary line separates Eastern hemisphere from the Western. There is actually a green laser beam in the sky that travels 15 miles from the Observatory separating the hemispheres. The Observatory also houses a Planetarium, various museums and best of all the green lawns where you can just laze around on a nice warm day. The weather was brilliant and everyone was out having a picnic or BBQ and there were a few weddings as well. The shows at the Planetarium are quite interesting. We saw the Journey of Stars and its a good half hour show, though we had a stiff neck after it because we were right in front and had to crane our necks. Didn't see any movies this weekend because we have seen everything that's out in the theatre (can you believe that?). It was a lazy weekend and I'm not sure i enjoyed it. I love a fun filled day packed with activities and so i am off to a wine tasting session and the 10 mile walk with Ro the coming weekend. Will post details of that later. Meanwhile here are a few pics.

People waiting in line to take a pic at the separating point..which i didnt btw.

The line that separates the hemispheres

View from the Observatory

PS: I started a food blog..not because I'm an awesome cook or anything, but to remind myself I'm not a bad one either. Since i depend so much on the Internet for my recipes, i realized this was the best way to keep track of some of the tried and tested easy recipes. I do not have the habit of maintaining a book with all the recipes nor does the google doc. actually help, so food blog. Though i wonder how long I'm gonna maintain it.


  1. What can I say except that m super proud of you :O) the food blog too by the way!!!
    I think you should do one for your arts n crafts as well!!! Oooohhh and that image on top with the yellow flowers is amazing! Maybe you should call it "The Open Road" instead!

  2. I would love to know wat Ro said in response to the Brad pit thin...hahahahaha
    good to know u had a jolly good weekened..

  3. jane...Ro took that pic on one of his 10 mile walks..isnt it so so pretty. Il think abt the name change:)
    Enigma..mole athu njan pinne it is ppl think im publicising my personal life way too much..

  4. ...and jane..the yellow flowers are fields of mustard