Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 2- GM Diet

I couldn't post the update yesterday..why you my ask?? Well because I thought I would die of a headache. It started on Monday night and whole of yesterday I had a splitting headache. Again I don't know what the reason is, but it made my life miserable. I couldn't concentrate on work or anything for that matter. Spent the whole day in bed. When Ro came home i burst into tears saying I didn't want to continue the diet secretly hoping he would ban me from continuing. Instead he consoled me saying its only 5 more days, you can do it! Bummer! 

Cheated a lot yesterday because I couldn't handle the headache and I decided it was either because I was sugar deprived or caffeine deprived. And by night I was in such a fowl mood that Ro made a cup of horlicks (with no sugar..yuck) and before I went to bed had a crocin.

Breakfast- 1 large baked potato with salt and a pat of butter (this tasted so damn good and kept me full till evening)
Lunch-tea time- baby carrots (had quite a few) (also had 2 biscuits hehe)
Dinner- Baby tomatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice (I love this any day, but yesterday somehow it seemed a bit painful eating it), a glass of horlicks
I would have had about 8 glasses of water (all the while imagining it to be brandy lemonade)

Checked my weight this morning and it shows 56.5 kg (not much of a difference)


  1. Baby carrot and green grapes would keep you full for sometimes. You should avoid grapes when you are dieting. But, I found it quiet helpful. That is my lunch on Fridays.

    Boiled potato with Chat masala is better than salt and butter. You can follow them on regular days too.

    56 kg is fine if you are 5ft +.

    Keep smiling.


  2. The meals sound very light. And weight-loss is a slow process...if you do it correctly and in a way that will allow you to keep the weight off.
    And 56 kg sounds like a healthy weight actually!

  3. Hmmmm.....u r doing good!!!! However lousy u feel just keep at it. The end result will make u happy:-).
    Day 2 is veggie day right....have forgotten the details. i just remmeber the 4th or 5th day where u can have rice & beef;-D