Sunday, 5 June 2011

The GM Diet

I have absolutely no will power to do anything, leave alone patience. I start everything with great enthusiasm only to see it sizzle away in a matter of days, sometimes, minutes even!

This time however, I am determined to do this right till the end. I have been hogging on all the food I make (don't believe me..take a look here) and I don't fit into my jeans. This has never ever happened to me and I gasped. So I decided to do this diet for 2 reasons:

To reduce the unnecessary weight I've gained (obviously!) and
to try and finish something I start, for a change.
(well the 2nd is also to prove my husband wrong..he laughed at me when said the D word, yet again)

I am hoping that by sharing it on a blog, I would at least be motivated to carry on for the entire week. I shall chart out what I ate and how I handled it. I know I make it sound like labour pain but humour me please...

Here's hoping I'd be at least 3 kgs less at the end of the week.

Starting at 127 lbs/ 57.6 kg on a Sunday evening.


  1. Hmmmm.....I did it once...just once and have to warn u tht I didnt lose even a kg;-(.
    Anyways doesnt have to be like tht for update how u went abt it, who knows maybe I did it all wrong;-D

  2. Wowo 3 kg in a week, i wish i could do that, even i cant get into any of my clothes except for a few and that is the truth, how i wish i could also hol on when i do a diet. which i cant.

  3. hey girl...

    Good luck with the diet:) But my very humble opinion is just to eat healthy, practice portion control(even wen u occassionally eat unhealthy stuff), walk daily and drink lots of water(start ur day with 1/2 litre water). At the end of it, u not only shed kilos, but ur skin will look radiant and glowing :)When u practise GM diet, wat u actually lose is the water content of ur body, u will put those kgs back when u eat normally. I have tried both and cud really see the difference!

  4. wow awesome diet plan dear...thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a lovely comment!

    Happy to follow you and hope you will also like my space: