Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 4- GM Diet!

Day 4, according to people who have done the diet (including my mom), seem to be the most difficult with just bananas and milk. Now i don't mind eating bananas at all...I mean I actually like it, but the milk..i cringed and decided to skip and that's when my ever smart (pun intended) husband suggested i have it with a wee bit of horlicks to mask the milky taste. Great idea, I thought and went ahead with it only to realise that whatever you do to plain milk, it tastes milky whatsoever. Especially the whole milk we get here, is so thick...yuck! So i added some sugar, well lots of it and it was a pleasure 2 drink :)

Morning- a cup of coffee with little milk and loads of sugar :) :) :) (got tied up with work so skipped breakfast)
Lunch- 1/2 cup cauli and potato sabzi
Tea- 1 cup milk (with 1 tsp horlicks and quite a bit of sugar) and 3 small bananas
Dinner- 1/4 cup potato cauli sabzi, a few slices of chicken and 3 more bananas

Weight at the end of day 4: 56kg (it actually shows 55.5 but I'm gonna just say 56 cos id then be more motivated)


  1. Ive done this diet so many times and ended up losing 2 kgs each time... Its about time I went for another round of it :) It does reduce the craving for junk food and also my skin used to glow after this diet :)

  2. wow! I wonder if I can do it.. I tried a protein diet once and then went on a terrible mood swing without carbs.. GM is for a week right? Maybe I should give it a go. Keep it up Nisha!

  3. how is this the gm diet????

  4. After the fruits & veggies this day was like heaven for me;-D. I made this milkshake......milk, bannana, coffee pwdr & sugar whizzed in the blender. One huge glass and u wont feel hungry for hrs. Even now on the days when I dont feel like having brkfast I make this & it keeps full till lunchtime.

  5. Wow. Congrats!

    - Ana

  6. Wow it seems to have worked for you...I have heard that these diet plans take out the water content of the body and not the actual fat,,,is it true?

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  7. Aren't you screwing up the diet by adding sugar to your banana shakes? Coffe powder shouldn't matter but sugar? Hell no!

  8. I had enough Sugar with my mil in GM diet. Cant believe buit I lost 4 KGs on day4. Please go ahead and try it!