Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 3- GM Diet!

Ok so i messed up, well almost!
We had invited a few people over for dinner and I couldn't be rude and eat my own fruit and veggie (which btw if I had eaten, would have definitely gone mad!). So cheated, big time. I hope it doesn't affect the diet significantly though!

Breakfast- 1 cup coffee with a wee bit milk, but loads of sugar (I decided I was never gonna skip this ever!)
Lunch- a pear (I was not feeling hungry at all)
Dinner- hogged a bit (I don't want to reveal and make a fool out of myself). Also had brandy lemonade

But the good part is, the head ache trauma and the lethargic feeling has vanished. I didn't feel hungry that much and so I didn't force myself to eat the fruit/veg.

Weight at the end of day 3- 57kg (gained .5kg)- not impressed!!!!!

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