Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 5- GM Diet!

..was fairly uneventful. I am not desperately hungry and I don't feel tired. The one good thing that has come out of this diet, if not weight loss, is how good my skin looks now..i think its all the water that i have been drinking. So even if i don't lose much weight, I can at least fuss over my skin..

Someone commented and asked me how is this a GM diet when I'm cheating my way through..well my aim was to stick to the diet cent percent. I couldn't, and so am still continuing just to see if there would be a change at all at the end of it.

Morning- a cup of coffee (the usual)
Lunch- a 10 oz burger patty, grilled.
Tea- a few biscuits (I baked these and couldn't help but delve into some right out of the oven)
Dinner- a grilled 7 oz burger patty made with lean beef, and baby tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper and a few sips of red wine (my husband, how mean he was, to actually convince me that a glass of wine wouldn't do any harm.I fell for it initially and realised i wasn't enjoying it too much and so stopped with just a few sips)
Would have had about 6 glasses of water (less compared to the usual)

Weight at the end of day 5, 55.5 kg (duh)


  1. where's the day 6 & 7 news;-D????

  2. I have always admired people who stuck to their diet. Good luck.. Hope you get the desired results.. :-)

  3. Your on the GM diet.. I heard a lot about it.. Just dont have the heart to start these yo-yo diets.. *sigh*

  4. Great going dear....hope u r keeping up to it...interesting to read it

  5. This brings memories!I too did this and it really worked for me..Honestly..If you ve survived this long, remaining is just going to be a breeze..Trust me..! Planning to do it again next week..

  6. Great job! Congrats on the pounds lost. Getting rid of the thigh saddlebags are the toughest. Sigh! I am on South beach diet, trying to get rid of my pregnancy weight gain :-(

  7. Your doing the GM!! You've managed very well so far, i couldnt last beyond day 3 and i ended up putting on more weight than before :P

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on space,
    excellent job your doing here
    after the ramadan i will follow your diet chat

  9. We did this a few years ago - but as a foodie, you'll know how difficult it is to maintain diets, when with a little twist of a ladle, you can cook up something very satisfying :) I am doing it the hard, but tried and tested way now - back at the gym burning calories!! because I love eating!!! cheers, priya

  10. Wow..glad to know you're on GM diet..thats alovely way to shed off excess fats!!

    First time here,you have a lovely space :-)
    Visit my space when time permits
    Erivum Puliyum

  11. ohhh open book!! i didnt know u were going on GM diet. otherwise i too would have joined u for a company.. i have looked 3 timesin my life.. and yes true skin is the best part and by day & u feel urself more light weighted and sexier looking :)

  12. I just did the GM's diet 2 weeks back and I lost 3 kgs :-) but i must say my diet went all wrong after Day 5...I hated day 1 and day 3 and 4 went fairly fine and day 5 it was friday n then the weekend so practically i never did day 6 n 7 :-)

    nice space u've got here...

    Manju @ Manju's Eating Delights

  13. wow! 5th day!I've never gone beyond the first day!
    But hey! I know a diet that works... was recommended by a dietician in B'lore...
    1) eat small meals in smaller intervals
    2) have a glass of hot water first thing in morning
    #) 3 ltrs of water every day
    4) no non veg for dinner
    5) no refined flours, egg yolks, coconuts, minimum sugar(1 to 2 tsp) & only slim milk
    6) half an hour exercise and try including lots of green tea, oats tc too :-)
    I'd lost arnd 4 to 5 kgs in a month then.... do try it out... not as tuff as the GM diet :-)tc

  14. Have done this several times. Not sure if I ever lost weight, cos I didn't weigh myself, but I am sure I compensated for any weight loss through binge eating in the days that followed.

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  16. Wow, sounds like you've some wonderful ideas and plans, sounds like the end result will look very nice! Best of luck with the changesgm diet